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What are MTCR and NSG, and why does India want to be their part

Introduction : The article discuss various issues and implications of relating to India’s membership issues in MTCR and NSG. What is the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)? […]

All you need to know about Civil Aviation Policy

Introduction The article highlights the main features of the new civil aviation policy. New civil aviation policy has been approved by Union Cabinet.The new policy focuses on […]

Skilled Manpower | Question Of The Week

Question : There has been a clear effort by the government through numerous reforms, policy changes and improved financial outlays which could potentially transform the country into […]

India’s strategic gambit in Vietnam

Introduction The article talks about the growing India-Vietnam relations and its importance for both countries. India under new government has been desiring to play a more […]

Resolution of bad loans: in search of a solution

Introduction – The article focus upon the various strategies being adopted by different countries to tackle NPA problems and some suggestions for India. Indian banks have accumulated […]

Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare: New Initiative and Challenges

The Union Government has taken a number of initiatives in the area of agricultural development and farmers’ welfare to boost the productivity and raise income of […]

High operating costs burn up solar units’ funds

According to industry leaders, high temperatures, dust and the dearth of water are contributing to a significant increase in the cost of operating solar power plants […]

Payment banks and India Posts Payment Bank

Background Ensuring financial inclusion and spreading the banking net is one of the prime objectives of the state today. The formal banking sector in India had […]

Why culling is not a ‘lust for killing’, it is conservation

Introduction : The article explains the current debate going on the question of culling of animals for the management of wildlife population. What is culling? Selection, says […]

Cracking the Payments Bank Puzzle

Introduction :The article talks about the challenges which Payment Banks have to tackle in order to achieve its objective of universal financial inclusion. It is widely […]

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