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Peace through economics: a short history of the EU

Introduction : The article traces the evolution of European Union after the second World War. The idea of a “United States of Europe” was first proposed by […]

culling the vermin

The Issue at hand Instances of man-animal conflict involving damage to crops and property and even loss of life, have been increasing. This prompted Union ministry […]

Mission Indradhanush for Banks

Mission Indradhanush for Banks Mission Indradhanush is a 7 pronged plan launched by Government of India to resolve issues faced by Public Sector banks. It aims […]

Nuts and bolts: Throwing light on lightning

Introduction : The article explains the lightning phenomenon and its various types. It is a frequent occurrence, and accounts for the largest number of accidental deaths due […]

Not all is bright and shining with LED light: Study

The article discuss about the findings of a recent report about the disadvantages of using LED. Excessive blue light emitted by light emitting diodes (LED) can […]

How to combat food price rise before its too late

Intoducation The article analyses the current situation of rising food inflation and the measures needed to address this. The sudden spurt in food inflation is attributed […]

Olympics in the time of Zika

Intoducation The article talks about the low risk of spread of Zika virus during Olympics but precautions needed due to its various modes of transmission. The […]

Political will wanted: Why India must be flexible on FTA with EU

Introduction The article discuss about the major impediments in India-EU FTA and need to sort out differences soon. The EU-India FTA (free trade agreement) negotiations have been […]

Sunday Case

Note: 1. This answer has been written for the purposes of explanation; Hence, it may not adhere to word limit. For examination purposes, phrases instead of […]

Juvenile in Delhi Mercedes hit-and-run case to be tried as adult

In a historic decision, Juvenile Justice Board said that the juvenile in the Mercedes hit-and-run case in Delhi on April 4, 2016 will be tried as […]

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