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Will a ‘fat tax’ work? No guarantee consumer will eat healthy

The article analyses the ruling on South China Sea dispute by PCA and India’s role in the near future. After alcohol ban, the Kerala government has […]

Unveiling the Mysteries of Jupiter with Juno spacecraft

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Juno spacecraft has entered the orbit around Jupiter without getting decimated by the planet’s intense magnetic field and radiation. The […]

The message behind the protests in Kashmir

The focus of the article is rising protest in Kashmir and the youth support. It also discuss where the Indian state is lacking. Kashmir is on […]

Raja-Mandala: Drawing a line in the sea

The article analyses the ruling on South China Sea dispute by PCA and India’s role in the near future. Tuesday’s ruling on the South China Sea […]

Are big cars cleaner? Not yet in India

General Mukul Rohatgi has claimed in the Supreme Court that big cars cause less pollution than small ones. However, car manufacturers do not share the emissions […]

Uniform civil code: One nation,One law

The article talks about the bringing of Uniform Civil Code and the various issues which needs to be tackled. Recently the central government, asked the Law […]

To be equal before the law

The article presents the arguments favoring the equality of treatment to LGBT community. EThe United Nations Human Rights Council recently passed a resolution creating a post of an […]

bribe and organisational interest

Suppose you are the CEO of a company that manufactures specialized electronic equipment used by a government department. You have submitted your bid for the supply […]

Differently-abled and not Disabled

Background The differently abled are not ‘disabled’ only because they are physically or mentally ‘impaired’ but also because society is built in a manner that does […]

The long road to Digital India

The article analysis India’s poor ranking in the Global Information Technology Report 2016 despite so many new initiatives by the government. India’s low ranking on the […]

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