The aim of Jain life is to achieve liberation of the soul. This is done by following the Jain ethical code, or to put it simply, living rightly by following three jewels of Jain ethics.

There are three parts to this-

1. Right faith

– Samyak Darshan

This doesn’t mean believing what you’re told, but means seeing (hearing, feeling etc) things properly, and avoiding preconceptions and Superstitions that get in the way of seeing clearly.

2. Right Knowledge

– Samyak jnana

This means having an accurate and sufficient knowledge of the real universe- this requires a true knowledge of the five (or six)substances and nine truths of the universe- and having that knowledge with the right mental attitude.

3. Right Conduct-

Samyak Charitra

This means living your life according to Jain ethical rules, to avoid doing harm to living things and freeing yourself from attachment and other impure attitudes and thoughts.

Relevance of these three parts of Jainism in societies :

1. In todays world, which is being torn apart by hatred and violence in the name of religion in many parts of worlds, ie- terrorism by ISIS and Al-Quida and other mainly in Middle east Asia spreading violence on the name of religion.

2. Communal riots is increasing in societies due to spreading fake messages through social media platform ie- Whatsapp. Lack of Right Faith-Samyak Darshan is also a factor, if Right faith is developed in today’s generation of youth then intolerance about other languages, religions, races and sex, Speech violence and moral corruption can be dealt.

3. Jobless growth made situation worst here in India. Hence, in India people are indulged in rat-race of progress without knowing exactly what they want from their life and without knowing their soul. Lack of Right Knowledge about their surrounding throwing them in lap of confusion, mental harassment, exploitation of their inner wish and so on. Through meditation and spending time with ourselves we can develop right knowledge.

4. Jainism emphasis on comparison for all creatures is particularly relevant. Concept of ‘Ahimsa Parmodharma’ in the Jain tradition is distinguished for human welfare and compassion. When Killings of animals increasing day by day for food consumption and harming our environment through releasing mass level Co2 from meat. we should have develop compassion for all livings and also have to protect our environment.

Growing Intolerance, Violence, Ruthless Consumption and accumulation of resources is evil of today’s world. Due to these evils our Human Value, ethics in life, our environment is deteriorating very fast and emerging as a threat towards human civilization. To save ourselves from future 6th Great Extinction, we will have to follow the three jewels of Jain tradition that shows us a way out from all evils and emerging threat to us.

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