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Role of NGO – Issues Faced

Non government organisation are non state actors of democracy which complement the states effort towards development and welfare. NGOs play vital role in diverse countries like India which face several departmental challenges.

Role played by NGOs include:

  • Take up welfare activities in controversial areas where state is reluctant to take action. For eg caste based issues.
  • Implementation of welfare scheme for social justice such as Deendayal upadhyay rehabilitation schemes for disabled.
  • Provides impetus to states effort where state face problem such as lack of funds or manpower to work in remote areas.
  • Provides impetus to states effort where state face problem such as lack of funds or manpower to work in remote areas.
  • Working against social evils such as drug abuse, alcoholism in Punjab and superstition in Maharashtra.
  • Providing authentic information on state of issues such as education health etc. to help in policy formulation. For eg national education survey by NGO Pratham.
  • Assertion for tribal rights against the tyranny of multinational capitalist organization.

However, the NGOs face numerous challenges such as:

  • Lack of funds and grants from government.
  • Misappropriation of funds for unethical purpose such as religious conversions and sometimes to promote extremist ideologies.
  • Lack of volunteers to work in remotest areas of the country.

Way forward:

  • Liberalising rules for NGOs to obtain funds and grants from government and foreign donors.
  • Setting up enquiry committee and strict implementation of FCRA to check misappropriation of funds.
  • Use of ICT initiative such as DARPAN initiative.
  • Promoting volunteerism by incentivising youth or making mandatory community service for petty crimes.
  • encouraging NGOs to work in rural areas by suitably incentivising them.
  • Allowing NGOs to conduct campus interview to fulfil the requirements of trained professional to work for society.

The involvement of non state actors like NGOs is necessary to ensure inclusive growth and socio economic justice as dreamt by our founding fathers.

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