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OXYTOCIN –Recent ban

OXYTOCIN is a hormone released during human bonding such as sex, childbirth, breastfeeding etc. It is also known as a love hormone. This chemical is said to be a life-saving drug for maternal health in India, but, with a recent ban on its manufacturing by the Govt., its usage and efficacy is being debated.

Significance of Oxytocin:

  1. In India, thousands of women died every year during childbirth. OXYTOCIN may save the lives of many women
  2. It is naturally released hormone that increases social bonding among individual. However, it can induce externally and people are misusing it.

Misuse of OXYTOCIN>

  1. People are using it in dairy farming to increase milk protection. According to some scientific record, such milk is not good for human health
  2. OXYTOCIN (by injection) is also used in child trafficking to gain puberty early among the trafficked children
  3. It is used during childbirth even when it is not required (especially in crowded hospitals)
  4. It is used in animal husbandry, horticulture and other industries also
  5. Rampant production and usage in an unregulated matter become another crucial challenge for instigating the ban on its production by selected pharmaceuticals

Because its misuse was increasing and to prevent its misuse; Delhi High Court banned its sale by the private manufacturers and retail chemists.

Way forward.

  1. Regulation of its production, manufacturing, supply in the market should be made strong
  2. Allowing its production in a safe and high standard, and ensuring its applicability to the required strata
  3. Any decision should ensure the opinion from all other stakeholders

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