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Existentialism is Humanism

You are walking on a footpath in a crowded market. You notice that a person is lying unconscious on the footpath. He appears to be injured on his head. Every person is ignoring him and them passing by without even looking at him. As you approach nearer to the laying person, you notice that he’s actually murmuring something in pain and strong smell of alcohol is emanating from him.

Q: What will you do in this situation? Explain why.

Answer: This is an everyday situation present in India. Definitely the person needs help despite of the fact that he has consumed Alcohol. Moreover, Gandhi says, “hate the sin not the sinner" and doctrine of niskama karma demands one should perform hid duty without any attachment.

The situation expects me to display the value of brotherhood towards fellow human beings, a fundamental duty also entrusted to me by the Indian Constitution.

The people are possibly ignoring him for he is under the influence of alcohol and they blame him for his own condition. However, I would prefer to look beyond that aspect and see his injury as a more demanding factor to decide my actions. I would, therefore, approach him.

I would firstly, try to get him in a conscious state and ask him how badly he is hurt. I would inquire about his family’s whereabouts and a number they could be contacted on. I would then, call an ambulance and get him admitted in a nearby hospital. I will inform the police and let them carry the situation forward. I would also, leave my contact details in case of any help needed

It is necessary that we be sensitive to human beings in distress around us. In spite of crowded market, no one even cared. With my intervention, if a life is saved, it would be a good thing. We should exercise Universal values of humanism, kindness, empathy, helpfulness etc. in daily life, and especially in situations like these

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