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  • After cases of data breaches and leaks, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has rolled out another layer of protection to secure Aadhaar data, that will come into effect from June 1.


  • VIDs-The UIDAI has introduced the new concept of Virtual IDs (VID) that can be generated by Aadhaar holder for a temporary period and can use instead of his/her Aadhaar number to validate their identity.
  • VIDs will be temporary 16-digit like an OTP mapped with the Aadhaar number and at one time only 1 valid VID will be generated.
  • It will not be possible for anyone to derive Aadhaar number from the temporary VID and its de-duplication by the agencies will alsonot be possible.
  • Users can generate their VIDs on the UIDAI website, the Aadhaar app and at enrolment centres.
  • UID Tokens- UID tokens will allow an agency to ensure uniqueness of its customers without having to store Aadhaar number in their database. It can be different for different agencies.
  • Limited KYC Norms-UIDAI will see if an organization really needs to store Aadhaar number, and those who will be allowed to do so, will be called as Global AUAs (Authentication Agencies), they will be provided different tokens and other will be called as Local AUAs.


  • Privacy- The move tends to provide complete privacy to the Aadhaar card user as no agency can seek his/her original Aadhaar number.
  • Security- The security concerns about Aadhaar number will be resolved with this initiative as it will provide full proof security to the Aadhaar holder as real identification number will be masked from service agencies.


This initiative will make a huge difference in lessening the privacy and security concerns as it avoids the need of sharing of the Aadhaar number at the time of authentication and it will eliminate the arguments against Aadhaar. Besides this, the measure will ensure uniqueness of its beneficiaries, and customers and thus enhance considerably.

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