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  • After almost 150 missions and three decades of space faring, the ISRO is on a mission like never before, handholding the private industry for AIT of satellites.
  • The Indian Space Research Organisation has issued a tender to the private sector for Assembly, Integration, and Testing (AIT) of 30-35 satellites.
  • This attempt has been made to increase the number of satellites.


  • ISRO has issued a RFP to the private sector to build 30-35 satellites over three years. 4-5 companies will be selected after proper evaluation of their capacity.
  • The selected companies will be responsible for the AIT of the satellites at ISRO facilities.
  • ISRO is expecting to get the responses to the RFP by first week of December, the complete selection of the companies will be by January 5 and contracts will be signed by February 5.
  • ISRO seeks to setup a joint venture company with a consortium of industries and this JV will lead the launch of first PSLV around 2020-21.


  • RISING DEMAND- Currently, ISRO is launching 3-4 launches per year but the demand is rising to 16-18 satellites. ISRO is aiming to undertake 60-70 satellites vehicle launch programmes in the next five years including PSLV launches by private units.
  • TO BRIDGE THE GAP- Somehow, ISRO is unable to keep pace with satellite fabrication. To bridge the gap, the ISRO has roped in the private sector to bridge the gap.
  • FOR FUTURE- The ISRO also wants to seed such an ecosystem where the private sectors take a lead in the future.
  • TO CREATE A ROBUST SPACE INDUSTRY- ISRO is dedicated to teach the process of making satellites and hopes to create a robust space industry in the private sector.


  • Now, the space agency envisages handling over the PSLV programme to a bunch of the private units, replicating the practice followed in USA and Europe.
  • This new and bold move could in times pave the way for India being a global hub for the space sector.
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