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Air Pollution Challenges

The peculiarity of environmental menace lies in its implications that cut across the state boundaries and rural-urban divide. The recent problem of smog cover in the north India due to stubble burning in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi has highlighted the choked responses to such emergencies.

While the states are deliberating on the friendly farm practices such as the introduction of the super straw management system and alternate use of residue for composting there is a lack of comprehensive policy design. To address this problem all stakeholders must be brought to the table. In this light, having an environmental protection agency, like one in the USA will be a structured idea.

India is the land of large diversity. The Strong impact of regional politics and regional concerns always make some inter-state issues to a worsening condition. Air quality issue now face by our national capital is "severe" .it clearly indicate the future disaster which is going to face by most of our city Severe condition of air quality of our capital is of many reasons

  • Crop burning in agricultural lands in Haryana and Punjab
  • Over carbon dioxide emission
  • After effect of Diwali crackers
  • lack of the proper monitoring system problems like air pollution, water sharing, road construction, conservations of Eco spots and tourism always need co-operation between states


  • It helps to bring multiple persons on a single table
  • System will be able to consider the concern and limitations of all the participants
  • Will be able to control the issue on spreading like a regional conflict (e.g.Kaveri issue make regional conflicts between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka)
  • Such a system will be able to declarer proper mechanism in a time-bound manner
  • It will help to settle the issue as fast as possible and without making common man into trouble


  • We already have some intra-state mechanism like NGT water controlling the unit creation of additional body may cause a burden
  • Mutual co-operation should be a basic feature of our state legislature it should become a political identity
  • If we are not able to solve our own internal matters in a peaceful and cooperative manner then how we will be able to highlight India as a peacekeeper of the world

All we need is co-operation base Pease full talk between the states and understanding the depth of problems and treat the cause not only the symptom. To, conclude, the problem does not lie in the absence of institutional mechanism rather in the autonomy, capacity and functioning of the institution.

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