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  • PM Narendra Modi held wide-ranging talks with President Rodrigo Duterte, covering the entire gamut of the bilateral relationship.
  • The two countries have signed four deal agreements which covered areas of:-
    • Defence
    • Agriculture.
    • Small and Medium Enterprises.
    • Cooperation between Indian Council of World Affairs and Philippines Foreign Services Institute.
  • PM Modi is in Manila to attend the 15th Indian-Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit and the 12th East Asia summit.


  • Apart from extending the bilateral cooperation with the world leaders, PM Modi also spoke at ASEAN summit in Manila.
  • He said that the task of transforming India is proceeding at an unprecedented scale. We are working day and night towards easy, effective and transparent governance.
  • After the summit, PM also interacted with the Indian diaspora in Manila.


  • PM also visited the International Rice Research Institue(IRRI) in Los Banos and interacted with several Indian scientists working there. The scientist at IRRI briefed the PM on various varieties of rice-
    • Flood-tolerant rice variety- The flood-resistant rice variety can withstand 14-18 days of submergence and provide 1-3 tonnes more yield per hectare in the flood-affected areas. This variety of rice will help the farmer and enhance their income.
    • Salinity tolerant rice –This type of variety will help farmers in such areas where the soil is saline, for example- Kutch.
  • PM was also shown drones that can be successfully used in the agriculture sector and help farmers.
  • A ‘rice field laboratory’ named after Prime Minister Modi was also inaugurated by him at the Institute.
  • PM unveiled a plaque marking the inauguration of the Narendra Modi Resilient Rice Field Laboratory.


  • PM Modi contributed two good quality rice seed varieties to the gene bank of the International Rice Research Centre to mitigate global poverty and hunger by improving the cultivation of the key grain.


  • DEFENCE SECTOR-This multi-directional cooperation will make India robust in its defence sector to give a greater challenge to its counterpart.
  • AGRICULTURAL SECTOR-This agreement escalated India’s growth in agriculture because it will provide a platform to have private and public enterprises to cooperate in the desire for major sectors.
  • NEW OPPORTUNITY-Philippines President Duterte has expressed interest in acquiring fast offshore patrol vessels and welcomed Indian pharmaceutical companies to invest in the Philippines to produce good quality and cheaper drugs. Duterte also wants Indian infrastructure companies to explore and expand in the Philippines.
  • COOPERATION IN RENEWABLE ENERGY- India has shown its interest in expanding cooperation with the Philippines in the renewable energy sector and welcomed the country to join Solar Alliance.
  • TOURISM- The relation between India and Philippines is getting stronger and it will lead to increase in a number of tourist from the Philippines in India which will lead to development.


  • The rising competition between the countries around the world for becoming a powerful competitor, the recent bilateral agreement between India and Philippines marked a strategic footprint in the world.
  • This cooperation will not only benefit India but the parallel benefit to the Philippines as well as in its defence sector majorly.
  • The idea behind the deal is to have private and public enterprises on one platform and to cooperate in the defence sector.
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