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India’s first 24x7 information security helpline in Kolkata

The relentless growth of cybercrime remains a real and significant threat to our collective security. We have also seen a marked shift in cyber-facilitated activities relating to trafficking in human beings, terrorism and other threats. In response law enforcement authorities have increased their skill-sets and their capability to work together in platforms but the growing misuse of legitimate anonymity and encryption services for illegal purposes remain a serious impediment to the detection, investigation and prosecution of criminals. Now, keeping in view the safety and security, a 24x7 helpline will be launched in Kolkata.


  • India's very first information security helpline is set to begin in Kolkata. The 24X7 number will help to report incidents of cyber crime.
  • The organization will hold an international summit on November 3 in Kolkata and plan to launch the helpline number on that day.
  • Kolkata Police has undertaken this initiative with the help of INFOSEC FOUNDATION, a Non profit platform dedicated to cyber security.
  • Infosec is working with the Kolkata Police to form a team of volunteers, called 'Cyber Army'.
  • This summit will be east India's biggest ever summit, since organizations like IBM, Fire eye, Check Point will be participating.


  • If you thought the state tops the charts only in crimes against women, brace for more shock. West Bengal - Kolkata in particular - has shown the biggest jump nationwide in cyber-crime cases, according to the National Crime Records Data for 2012.
  • While such cases have increased by a whopping 355.8 % in the state, the Kolkata figures can scare anyone.
  • It shows a 1033.3 % jump in 2012 compared to 2011.
  • The figures are also indicative of a rising trend among cops to register

Some of the trending crimes are

  • Crime-as-a-Service.
  • Ransomware.
  • The criminal use of data
  • Payment fraud
  • Online child sexual abuse
  • Abuse of the Darknet
  • Virtual currencies

Why people commit cyber crime?

  • Committing crimes online allows someone to hide their identity and location, which in some cases is thousands of miles away.
  • People who commit cyber crimes are often well organized and believable online.
  • Many cyber crimes are committed by offenders who may be thousands of miles away, which makes it difficult for police and other law enforcement agencies to bring them to justice.


  • It might be unpleasant to hear, but most cyber-criminals will have much more experience than any average person when it comes to digital crime.
  • The best IT security systems can provide you with the features and support that they need to effectively fight against even the most determined criminal.
  • The volunteers will guide the persons looking for cyber solutions.
  • Although fraud comes in many forms, one can protect himself by using some simple steps and by staying alert while dealing online. Protect yourself from fraud and cyber crime.
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