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Yash was a married and working as the policeman and stayed in police quarters. Yash’s boss, Inspector Manish was an arrogant and flirtatious officer. He did not treat his subordinates well, unlike other superior officers; Manish often invited Yash to visit his home with his wife for dinner and to other get together parties. Yash had noticed that Manish was trying to get closer to his wife by making jokes and giving unsolicited pieces of advice.

Once Yash wanted a 15 day of leave to arrange and look after his only sister’s wedding. Yash officially kept asking for leave two months well before the wedding date itself. But as expected Manish kept refusing him any leave. Manish said that he would grant him only on condition if Yash will go alone to the marriage leaving behind his wife in the quarters. Yash, agitated, took his loaded rifle and shot the inspector dead. He then surrendered to the police.

Question - Explain behavior if they had possessed high emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is maintaining an emotionally competent & rational behavior in normal & adversary situation.

The lack of emotional competence (EC) has claimed a life ruined other two. If they would have behaved EC the future course would have been positive way different.

Manish, if had shown EI, would not be dead. He should have avoided encroachment in liberty & personal life of others. The principle of professional responsibility & competence counts keeping personal life & weakness out of professional. Manish should have taken psychological counseling & the rapy to address his flirtatious behavior. As later is not sanctioned & in fact anti sanctioned by all laws.

His behavior with Yash should have been professionalism & seniority-driven to set an Example for Yash.

Emotional intelligence is required to understand one’s own feelings, emotions & behavior as well as others.

In this case, Yash had various other ways to respond to the situation. Since Yash was aware of the intention of his Boss Manish. He should have first of all avoided family contacts with Manish. He could have only maintained professional relationships with Manish. Besides that if any of the occasion, If Manish does any sort of unwanted advances to his wife, His wife should have protested then there, giving Manish that she is irritated and angry with such advances.

As far as, the matter of urgent holidays is concerned, Yash should have written to his senior officials citing the emergency as well his previous record of not availing leaves for a long time. With relevant reasoning, with his higher authorities would have allowed him to leave.

After all such efforts, if at all, a situation arises wherein Manish asks him to take leave without his wife, he shouldn’t have reacted immediately. He has proper system channel to deal with such things. He could have lodged a complaint to appropriate authority & fight enthusiastically till justice is delivered to him.

As far as Manish is concerned, He hasn’t shown the character which is required to an upheld senior position. Since he himself was a police officer, he should have known the implications of such harassment in advance not indulged into such practices. Such indecent act also affects his career prospects as his subordinates might not look him respectfully. It also vitiates the environment culture of the department which might be very harmful to organizations like the police. So, Manish should have considered him professional responsibility Should not have indulged in such immoral acts


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