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The Nobility’s Duty: To Avoid Sinking into Anonymity

DM of a famous district, felt the major local paper, was not writing enough positive articles about him, so he decided to submit his own stories, under a fake name.

The paper encourages “citizen journalists” to submit stories to get a more local angle. “I thought about all the people just reading about crime in our city and nothing better,” said the DM.

Although he was not paid for his articles, he established a relationship with the paper, a television Web site, and a weekly paper – all by using email and phone conversations. Using his alias, he wrote more than a dozen articles. In some, he quoted himself. He did not apologize for his actions.

However, his alias was a real person. DM had used the real photo to convince the publishers. Now the real person is hurt and enraged. He accuses DM of lying to the public.

Question: Confidentiality VS Anonymity – What Difference Does it Make Anyway


A DM is a responsible executive who has to abide by the formal rules and regulations of the law. Though DM has acted on the principle of "common good" which implies interest of one person should be compromised for the larger public interest. But it should also be kept in mind that a democratic society envisages personal dignity also. Here the person has the fundamental right to life and liberty which includes privacy of individual also and his privacy cant is compromised until and unless there is rarest of the rare case i.e. there is the danger to integrity and security of country or life of an individual in danger. But here is the case totally different.

Here DM is using the name and picture of a person without his prior permission for expressing his views and his work done by him. if he wanted to make aware people of good things of the locality, he could adopt several other legal means. But DM has adopted illegal means violating the law of the land. So he must resign on moral and ethical grounds from the post accepting his fault.

there is a need for properly define a law with proper definitions and nitty-gritty details including all the things affecting the privacy of a person.

Public trust and rely on those individuals who adopt ethical and truthful means to achieve an end.The DM has adopted wrong means to achieve right end so he must have lost public trust in him.He is a public figure, a civil servant so he has to better take care of all the dimensions of his actions taken by him.

The case would also caution others who might be following such practices. Civil servants are generally respected by the public for their impartial services but if they'll follow such practices then certainly it'll hamper their image.

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