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Octlantis: The underwater city built by octopuses

OCTOPUS _ The alien with whom we share our planet, The octopus is known for its high intelligence in comparison to other marine life, a coeval evolutionary life form whose slithery slipperiness and more than the requisite number of limbs (each of which contains its own “brain”) symbolise the dark mystery and fear of the deep.

Have you heard about the city Atlantis , which is a fictional island mentioned in Plato’s words . This is near ancient Athens in Greece . You will be surprised to know that even animals can form an underwater city as we humans do on the surface . Recently, scientist have discovered a similar underwater city inhabited by octopuses.

Now comes news that octopuses have been building their own cities down there. Scientist have discovered OCTLANTIS- underwater town off the coast of Australia hosts many members of the Octopus tetricus species, Octlantis is home to as many as 15 of these creatures more commonly known as the gloomy octopus where they congregate, communicate and even evict one another at a site marine biologists call Octlantis, at Jervis Bay, south of Sydney.

The discovery is important in that it confirms scientists’ suspicions about the culture of cephalopods.

“These behaviours are the product of natural selection, and may be remarkably similar to vertebrate complex social behaviour.”

Usually, octopuses only get together to mate before going their separate ways again, but more research needs to be done to understand why they might want to mix together in places such as Octlantis.

For all its merits though, this underwater village of sand and shells is far from a Utopia. The high number of octopuses and the abundance of food in the area makes it an ideal hunting ground for predators. So while Octlantis may sound like an underwater paradise, it's still survival of the fittest.

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