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Rights and Obligations of Parents

You are a father of the 7-year-old girl. You are living in a flat with your wife and daughter. You are working in high profile job in an MNC. Your boss is your close friend and because of him, you have landed a good job. You also owe him lots of money. If it was not for him, you would have continued in the less paying old job. Your boss frequently visits your flat. He is close to your daughter and wife. One day, your daughter complains that your boss did something unnatural to her in her bedroom. He actually sexually molested your daughter.

What will you do now? In the light of laws of the land, human rights and personal ethics, suggest a course of action that you should take.


The case represents an ethical dilemma between fatherly duties and familial needs. The case involves following ethical issues: -

  1. The dignity of women which needs to be preserved everywhere.
  2. The responsibility of being indebted towards a person who helped in difficult times and is responsible for financially strong life.

I'll have a course of action as followed.

  • I'll immediately help my daughter to overcome any psychological setback which she may contract owing to such an untoward incidence and will offer her medical help if needed.
  • I'll then clarify the incidence with my boss and would request him to dissuade from such behaviour henceforth as this will affect professional and personal bonding between us. Also, would request him to not to spread any rumours or discuss the incidence, among friends and colleagues in office as this would affect my child's image and his professional life.
  • At the same time, I'll ask my wife and daughters to not to indulge with him and his office colleagues any further as this may jeopardize their life and my career as well. Further, I would desist from inviting my office colleague to visit my home as personal and professional life cannot have any overlapping.
  • I'll also try to pay him back his money as soon as possible to restore my integrity.
  • If any repetition of such incidence with him occurs, a FIR against him will be befitting reply.

In our society, children and women are easy prey of sexual abuse. All the sinister motives against this malicious section of the society should be punished severely.

Although, my boss has done me some favours in the past, yet these flavours do not give him the right to take away the right of my daughter and my right to have a dignified and meaningful life. Any compromise is neither acceptable nor justified in this case

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