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Doklam crisis echoes loudly in South and South-East Asia

Countries in South and South-East Asia, from Nepal to the Philippines, are keenly observing the Doklam crisis, though wary of taking sides, are keeping a close eye on subtle power shifts in the region.

Pakistan’s stand on the standoff:

  • As expected, Pakistan has thrown its weight behind China
  • China’s Vice Premier, Wang Yang visited Islamabad on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence, a carefully choreographed visit
  • Pakistan has backed all positions adopted by China, that ranges from Doklam to the South China Sea (SCS) and anything that fell in between

Japan’s stand on the standoff:

  • Japan has become the first G-7 country to support India’s position on the Doklam issue
  • Japan’s Ambassador to India Kenji Hiramatsu acknowledged that the Doklam area is disputed between China and Bhutan, countering Beijing’s claim that the stand-off was taking place on Chinese sovereign territory.
  • China has reacted sharply to the comment made by Japanese Ambassador to India, that supports India’s stand on Doklam

Nepal’s stand on the standoff:

  • Nepal that shares common borders with India and China, has taken a neutral stand on the Doklam standoff and called for a diplomatic and peaceful solution to the crisis

Geo-political and geo-strategic implications:

  • Doklam crisis puts to test the whole thesis of a stable, multipolar post-American world, since Asia’s two giants are now at loggerheads with no side seemingly willing to back off
  • The recent developments will have wide strategic implications, as Asia is increasingly defined by the China-India rivalry and renewed tensions between the two Asian giants
  • In South Asia and South East Asia a robust Indian presence in the region is considered as deterrent to China which has been highly assertive in its approach of handling territorial issues

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