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Centre’s eBiz initiative stutters

The ambitious e-Biz portal project unveiled by the Centre in 2013 to serve as an online, single-window entry point for investors looking to set up a business anywhere in the country, is still struggling to become fully operational.

Even services that were available on the portal, such as registrations with the Corporate Affairs Ministry and the Employees’ Provident Fund, have been impacted due to technical issues.

Features of the eBiz portal:

  • It will serve as a 24X7 online single-window system for providing efficient and convenient Government to business (G2B) services to investors and businesses
  • This will be achieved by reducing the complexity in obtaining information and services related to starting businesses in India, and dealing with licenses and permits across the business life-cycle
  • It will also function as a one-stop-shop for obtaining information, submission of forms/applications, online payment, obtaining licenses, permits, approvals, and ensuring compliance throughout the life-cycle of business entity

Factors that has held up its successful launch:

  • While State governments have not come on board for critical components of the e-Biz project
  • Technical glitches have arisen in the plan to integrate all clearances onto a single system owing to government departments opting for different technology platforms
  • It may be noted that the partner ministries and departments offering their services through e-Biz portal have migrated their existing applications to new technology platforms
  • Resolution of technology migration issues and the ‘limited availability of technical resources’ at individual departments causes delays in integration with the National e-governance Service Delivery Gateway (NSDG, the middleware to integrate services between departments and the portal)
  • Testing the integration of individual services with the e-Biz portal also added to delays as there exists dependency on multiple stakeholders’ such as NSDG, banks and state treasuries

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