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August 4, 2017
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August 4, 2017

Right kind of wrong

As a DM of a home district of serving Chief Minister, you find out that a huge land scam has taken place in which close relatives of the Chief Minister are involved. You have been recently married to a daughter of an MLA who is known as staunch political enemy of the CM.

While you are investigating, the CM comes to know about this. He threatens you with dire consequences He threatens you with false criminal cases and CBI investigation in case you do not budge. Unfortunately, a case is pending against you regarding misuse of treasury funds, in which you haven’t done anything wrong. This case can be reopened and used against you. However, if you stop investigation, he has assured you that you will be given a plum post in the capital.

Identify which course of action is available to you. Examine each action’s merits and demerits. Finally, explain which course of action would you follow and why.


In this situation, the following options are available:

  1. Acting as per the directions of the CM and close the file in return for the plum job and to avoid investigation
  2. Carry on with the investigation to find substantiate proofs to the issue which caused loss to the exchequer.

Option 1:


  1. Plum post will be rewarded
  2. Will be freed from the threat of CM and career will be safe


  1. Loss to the state exchequer and ultimate sufferer would be public
  2. Subversion of constitutionally mandated duty for the personal benefit
  3. Public image and trust will be lost



  • Upholding personal integrity,objectivity,honesty,spirit of civil service unearthing such act would cause deleterious effect on others who may be indulged in similar other activities
  • Bringing such issue before the public will improve trust and confidence between state machinery and public.
  • Send a strong message to the political class that honest civil servant would not succumb to their pressure tactics.


  • Lot of personal hardship caused in the process
  • Putting life and family in jeopardy

If CM, in the meanwhile starts any CBI investigation on my any past acts, I would welcome that as I have not done anything wrong. Even Government suspends, I would cooperate with the enquiry to prove my innocence. If necessary I would move to court for protection against harassment.

But in no case, I would close the file to avoid any personal hardship to my career and my family as it would amount to compromising on my values and ethics which civil service holds.The case of IAS officer Ashok khamka was exemplary in this regard

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