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Untrained teachers get 2 years to qualify

Compulsory Education (Amendment) Bill, 2017 Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha. The Bill will now have to pass muster in the Rajya Sabha and get presidential assent after that to become an Act.

The Bill offers untrained teachers teaching in school’s time till March 31, 2019, to acquire B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) or D. El. Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) qualifications to hold their jobs as teachers.

An amendment to the Right to education act provides teachers with a last chance not to lose their jobs.

Rationale behind the bill:

  • Many new schools had come up in the days of educational expansion under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Right to Education Act (RTE) and many teachers who were hired than did not have requisite degrees
  • These teachers were given a timeline of five years to train themselves, but still 5-6 lakh private schools teachers and 2.5-lakh government school teachers do not possess the requisite qualification
  • To ensure quality of education well qualified teachers is essential
  • The Swayam portal, part of massive open online courses and 32 free DTH educational channels will help teachers acquire theoretical knowledge and then pass the exam to retain their jobs

Problems with our educational system:

  • Education system in India is often criticized for encouraging rote learning, rather than critical thinking and problem solving
  • Textbook knowledge, rigid ideas, and test scores take precedence over open debates and logical reasoning and little room is left for creativity to thrive
  • Concerns exist about student learning outcomes, teacher training, curriculum quality, assessment of learning achievements and efficacy of school management
  • Many children drop out of school before even completing five years of primary education
  • Majority of resources are directed towards improving quantifiable factors such as enrolment, dropout rates, teacher-to-student ratios etc.
  • Though the Right to Education Act (RTE) increased enrolment rates, its effects on learning are up for debate


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