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Tribunal prohibits dumping of waste near Ganga banks

The National Green Tribunal has declared an area of 100 metres from the edge of the Ganga between Haridwar and Unnao as ‘No Development Zone’. The tribunal also prohibits dumping of waste within 500 metres of the river.

Key directives of National Green Tribunal(NGT):

  • An environment compensation of Rs. 50,000 will be imposed on anyone dumping waste in the river
  • The Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand governments have been directed to formulate guidelines for religious activities on the ghats of the ganga and its tributaries
  • No development zone (100 m from the edge of the river) will continue, till the state government demarcates flood plains and specifies permissible and non-permissible activities in the zone
  • The concerned authorities were directed to complete projects that includes a sewage treatment plan and cleaning of drains within two years
  • The Uttar Pradesh government is duty bound to shift tanneries within six weeks from Kanpur to Unnao or some other place that it considers appropriate
  • All industrial units that are present in the catchment area of the river Ganga should be stopped from indiscriminate groundwater extraction. The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) should notify areas as over exploited, critical, semi-critical and safe
  • The earlier order of a ban on mechanical mining in the Ganga was reiterated by the court
  • The minimum environment flow should not fall below 20 per cent of the average monthly lean season flow
  • A complete prohibition on disposal of municipal solid waste, e-waste or bio-medical waste on the floodplains or into the river and its tributaries

Specific directives related to mechanical mining:

  • No in-stream mechanical mining is permitted and even the mining on the floodplain should be semi-mechanical and preferably more manual
  • Mechanical mining should be permitted only after a comprehensive assessment of the sand and gravel replenishment in the riverbed and ensuring that the connectivity of the river is not disturbed
  • A quantity less or equal to the annual replenishment is permitted to be removed from the riverbed or the banks
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