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China protests against ‘incursion’

China protests against ‘incursion’

China has confirmed that it had suspended the entry of Indian pilgrims undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and lodged a formal protest with India, following an alleged cross-border incursion by Indian troops.

China’s diplomatic protest was in response to the trespassing into the Chinese border by Indian border personnel.

While the past trends have shown these kinds of incidents are initiated by the Chinese during high-profile bilateral visits, we should not read too much into the timing of the incident with respect to the visit of the Indian Prime minister to the United States

About the incursions:

  • Though incursion from either side is a regular feature. Indian patrols also go into Chinese-held areas and they come in areas that are held by India due to the differing perceptions on the LAC and International Border
  • There are robust mechanisms in place to defuse such situations and ensure they don’t go out control
  • According to military sources, soldiers of both sides are in a stand-off along the Sikkim border for the past few days. Indian sources insist that Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory and destroyed two bunkers in Doka La region, on the tri-junction between Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet
  • The two sides also were engaged in some scuffle, and also formed human walls to prevent each other from moving further ahead

Significance of the current standoff:

  • The location where it has happened is also significant. The Chinese have been trying to build a road there just 30 km from the Siliguri corridor ( the Chicken’s Neck).
  • The region is important for India from strategic, sovereign and territorial point of view
  • The incidence also coincides with the visit of the Indian Prime minister to the United States

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