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India flags U.S. military aid to Pakistan

India flags U.S. military aid to Pakistan

India on raised the issue of continued American military assistance to Pakistan and sought an end to cross-border terrorism, setting the agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first meeting with U.S President Donald Trump.

India’s Permanent Representative Syed Akbaruddin told the United Nations Security Council to deal with the adversary that provides safe haven to terrorists who target Afghanistan, which was a reference towards Pakistan.

He even pointed out that the UNSC has often failed to condemn terror incidents in Afghanistan.

Some pertinent questions raised by India’s Permanent Representative to UN,

  • From where do the anti-government elements receiving their weapons, explosives, training and funding
  • Where do they find safe havens and sanctuaries
  • How is it that these anti-government elements have stood up against one of the biggest collective military efforts

The official spokesperson of MEA Gopal Baglay stated,

  • U.S. military aid provided by the US to Pakistan is diverted to target India
  • Though he specified that the US-Pakistan relationship is a relationship between two sovereign countries, but India has expressed its concerns in terms of diversion of military aid
  • Problems with Pakistan remain a bilateral issue without the possibility of a third-party intervention

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