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CASE :You are travelling in a government bus to attend a very important job interview. In one hour you should be present at the interview venue. The bus is very congested. Luckily you are seated. From your seat you observe that a middle aged man standing next to a girl is touching and trying to molest her. The girl is silently resisting and trying to move away from him. But the man is continuing his actions. As the bus is congested, nobody is noticing this except you.

In this situation, what will you do? If you do not do anything, which values will you be compromising? Explain their importance


In this situation, I would get up and ask the girl to sit on my seat. In the meanwhile, I will talk to the man directly and ask him not to repeat such acts. If he tries to resist me, I will get the support of fellow passengers to get him out of the bus. If he resists further, I will call the police. If there is delay in arrival of the police, I will give them my number and my address and tell them that I have an interview to attend and that they can contact me if need arises.

The values that are being tested here are:

  • respect for women
  • ability to resist unsocial elements
  • ability to balance personal good & social good
  • belief in the rule of law

In not doing anything, I would be compromising my respect for women, my ability to resist unsocial elements and my belief in rule of law.

Respect for women in society is very important. Women perform various roles in society and no society can claim to be civilized unless it respects women. In fact, every human being owes his/her existence to a woman and hence, respect for women as a value should be among all of us.

By not taking any action, I will compromise on the following values: -

  1. Helpfulness - The basic thing that separate human form animal is its nature to help others. So, helpfulness is the first sign of being human.
  2. Self-Respect - It is basic necessity for any individual for having confidence and courage to perform his duty.
  3. Challenge - Life is full of challenges. Survival is difficult without facing it.
  4. Wisdom - To use our wisdom at right time and proper place is extremely important for a healthy and happy life.
  5. Compassion - This is again value which is found only in human being among all living creatures. It shapes our moral and social behaviour

Ability to resist unsocial elements is also crucial. Without this ability, unsocial elements will breed in the society. Unless and until all the citizens resist such unsocial elements, our society cannot become crime free. Citizens should not be mere onlookers when some unsocial act takes place, they should try to amicably resolve this. If they do not, crime will increase and that day will not be far when a similar crime will befall them.

Belief in rule of law is, needless to say, very important. Without this, no society or for that matter, no country could exist. If people stop believing in rule of law, lawlessness will increase. Fear of law and law-enforcers will go, which will be highly to detrimental to the society.

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