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Why is Qatar isolated in the West Asia? Especially, discuss the role of US in this issue.


The international politics is more dynamic than ever before and unlike past's bipolar world, each country tries to flex its muscle to show hegemony over another. In the continuously changing relation, now the latest is isolation of Qatar in West Asia by Sunni dominated counties like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE etc.


  1. Funding Islamic terrorist: Qatar has been primary accused of funding Islamic terrorism thus leading to regional insanity.
  2. Close relations with Iran: Iran being a Shia domination nation and Saudi Arabia a Sunni dominated nation have long standing uncordial relations. Being so Qatar’s over close relation with Iran also have given nudge to isolation.
  3. Promotion of Muslim Brotherhood: Shielding of the members of Muslim Brotherhood has cost Qatar. This group is considered radicalism by the other countries and hence they have cut ties with Iran.
  4. Egypt Clause: The support given by Qatar to Mohamed Morsi government has led to it being anti of all other countries, who are against his regime.
  5. The Turkey Factor: His inclination towards Erdogan's Turkey has led to Qatar being out casted by all its neighbours.

The US has a deeper role in what all happening in that area. The recent aid given by Trump Administration to Saudi Arabia has led to Saudi supporting USA’s plan to make an alliance against Qatar. Though, Saudi itself supports radical groups, but the global stand it has taken is that of messenger of peace, putting forth all the blame on Qatar.

USA’s influence over this issue:

  1. Obama Vs Trump: Unlike Obama era, USA has been actively involving in WEST-Asian conflict between Saudi Arabia and its allies Vs Iran. Predominantly seen as Sunni Vs Shia, Trump’s plan to set up "Arab NATO" with Saudi Arabia and its allies to combat Iran’s growth is the testimony for the same.
  2. Saudi Arabia – US relation in new height: With the multibillion dollar military deal, with US Saudi Arabia has flexed its military muscular power and gained indirect backing from US to take up strong decision.
  3. USA helping in Saudi Arabia’s quest to hold Iran's hegemony: With above reason, US has given strong confidence to Saudi Arabia to pull this strong decision.

Qatar also plays a direct, crucial role in the American fight against Islamic State. The U.S. uses its Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, home to about 10,000 American troops, to launch airstrikes on Islamic State strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

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