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To counter OBOR, India and Japan propose Asia-Africa sea corridor

To counter OBOR, India and Japan propose Asia-Africa sea corridor

While addressing the annual general meeting of the African development bank, Prime minister Narendra Modi pitched for developing an Asia-Africa growth corridor with Japanese support.

A vision document for the project was presented the next day by the Indian and Japanese governments. The African development bank has welcomed the vision document.

The project is aimed at

  • Propelling growth and investment in Africa
  • Curtail the increasing Chinese influence on the African continent
  • Integrate Asian and African economies, to enable them to collectively emerge as a globally competitive economic bloc

What is Asia-Africa growth corridor(AAGC):

  • It is an attempt to create a free and open Indo-pacific region. This will be achieved by rediscovering ancient sea routes and creating new sea corridors
  • The corridor will link the African continent with South Asia and South-East Asia
  • The sea corridor as compared to a land corridor will be low cost and have less carbon footprint
  • Apart from developing sea corridors, Asia Africa growth corridor also proposes to build infrastructure across growth poles in Asia and Africa
  • Specific studies need to

Respective contribution of India and Japan in the project:

  • Japan will contribute in terms of state of art technology and quality infrastructure
  • India will bank upon its expertise of working in Africa
  • Private sector of both the countries is expected to play a significant role by forming joint ventures and consortiums
  • The ability of japan to develop quality infrastructure will play a significant role in the development of the corridor

Is AAGC (Asia-Africa growth corridor) a counter to OBOR (One bank one road) project:

  • OBOR is essentially a land corridor as compared to AAGC which is essentially a sea corridor
  • AAGC is based on a consultative approach as compared to OBOR which is based on a government funded model
  • The focus of AAGC will be the people of Africa whereas OBOR has excessively emphasized on trade and economic relations
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