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Palestine, Israel must coexist: Modi

Palestine, Israel must coexist: Modi

India has pitched for peace in West Asia and urged that a future state of Palestine should coexist peacefully with Israel.

However, the Palestinian President who is on a visit to India stated that a sovereign state of Palestine should be build according to the pre-1967 borders and include East Jerusalem as the capital.

The Indian Prime minister stated that India has supported the Palestinian cause since the days of its own freedom struggle and hope that a sovereign, independent and united Palestine coexist peacefully with Israel.

Resolving the challenges in West Asia:

  • The challenges can be dealt only through sustained political dialogue and peaceful means
  • For a comprehensive solution, early resumption of talks between Palestine and Israel is important

Understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict:

  • In late 19th century both Arabs and Jews wanted sovereignty for their people in the middle east
  • After the second world war, six million Jewish people were killed. Large part of Palestine was given to the Jews as they believed it was their traditional home
  • Arabs living in Palestine could not accept the new country
  • It is a five-decade old conflict which is still ongoing
  • Issues include mutual recognition, borders, security, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements
  • Attempts for a two-state solution (coexistence of an independent Palestine state along with Israel) has failed
  • The six-day war in 1967 between Israel and its Arab neighbours ended with United nations brokered cease fire
  • Israel seized the old city of Jerusalem from Jordan

Two state solution:

  • US president refused to endorse the two-state solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • The two-state solution remains the only way to meet the aspirations of the people of Palestinian and Israel
  • But the solution looks elusive since land grabbing has been the fundamental element of Israel’s approach which is reflected in increased occupation of land through settlements
  • Palestine on the other hand is looking for a solution that is built around the pre-1967 borders and include East Jerusalem as the capital
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