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WannaCry ransomware: Everything to know about the global cyberattack

The global cyberattack that involves a ransomware WannaCry, encrypted data on computers and displayed messages asking the user to pay ransom in Bitcoins (digital currency) to restore access to data.

The authorities worked hard to catch the extortionists which seemed as a difficult task and involves searching for digital clues and following the money trail.

The attack specifically targeted Microsoft windows devices. Though Microsoft claimed it has released the security update that addresses the vulnerability that this attack is trying to exploit in March itself.

What is a ransomware:

  • It is a malware
  • It prevents the user from accessing their devices and the data on it till a ransom is paid
  • A ransomware locks a device and encrypts the data on it and prevents software and applications from running

India escapes major damage from ransomware:

  • Barring isolate incidents in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, no major impact of the attack was seen in India, that to in far flung village offices
  • The Computer Emergency Response Team of India(CERT-IN) held a web conference in which it shared the technical details of the attack and the precautions that should be taken
  • A few banks have been shut in remote areas for software upgrade

How was the attack controlled:

  • The attack was brought under control by a security researcher who wants to be identified only as Malware Tech
  • The researcher discovered a hard-coded security switch in the form of a link to a nonsensical domain name
  • Thousands of hits from the affected devices on the domain killed the ransomware and its spread

How to protect your data in the digital age:

  • Users should be cautious while opening malicious attachments, which is one of the most common phishing technique that is used
  • Software should be updated in time as majority of the phishing attacks tend to exploit software vulnerabilities

Convention on Cybercrime or Budapest convention:

  • It is the first international treaty that seek to address cybercrimes
  • This would be achieved by harmonizing national laws, improving investigating techniques and improving cooperation among nations
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