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Rise of rightist philosophies across the world

Leftist, rightist and centrist political philosophies. Critically examine why the Right is in gaining importance across the world and Left is on downfall

The concept of left, right and centre hold its genesis in French revolution where labours, workers, peasants were sitting to the left of king came to be known as leftist and those sitting to the right i.e. nobles, priests came to be known as rightist.

Political philosophies guiding the left, right and centre are: -

  • Left - Bringing equality and social justice. They meant throwing the establishment.
  • Right - These are conservationists and want to preserve the cultural identity. They meant protecting the establishment.
  • Centre - They are being guided by acceptance or support of a balance of a degree of social equality while opposing any significant shift either to left or right.

In recent time there has been a paradigm shift in political power over the world. Leaders with rightist ideology are being elected while the leftist are being left out.

Reasons responsible for rise of rightist approach are: -

  1. Unrelenting appeal to basic instincts of electorate, which included fear of 'others'.
  2. Projection of an image of which the masses could identify with.
  3. Following the policies which focus on inward development and international simultaneously.

Reasons for decline of leftist: -

  1. While following its own philosophy of emancipation of masses, it has ignored the consequences of such liberation. As a result, the very foundation on which an individual society is built has become weak.
  2. The idea of cosmopolitanism has been crumbled under the desire to protect an identity.
  3. People across the world are attracted towards this simple approach of rightist of fulfilment of basic needs while leftist beliefs of truth, logic and a global perspective is fading away.
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