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Under development is the main cause for the Kashmir conflict?

Issue of Kashmir is historical in nature, the conflict which started soon after India's independence continue to rock the region today.

There can be no denial that lack of development and limited job opportunities in the valley is one of the reasons as recent report cited that stone palters are hired by the militants. But blaming all on development issues will lead to misinterpretation of key issues prevailing there-

  • Development issues: Poor infrastructure
  • Unemployment etc
  • Militancy
  • Pakistan sponsored Terrorism
  • Radicalisation of youth
  • Clash between Armed Forces and civilian
  • Separatist Movements

As one can see, the nature of problem is wide ranging, so development alone can't be the solution to all the problems existing in Kashmir. However, development can bring the positive catalytic change in many of those problems. For instance, with goods jobs and school’s children and youth would focus on study and work. Similarly, development will reduce resentment among the people out there, who see themselves as pawns who has been sandwiched between Indian and Pakistan bilateral issues.

Thus, a crisis of this nature requires multiple solution, which take along all stakeholders.

So there are myriad of issues inflicting Kashmir which needs a multi- pronged approach and some of the possible steps could be-

  1. Initiating a healthy dialogue process among all stakeholders including hurriyat and separatists.
  2. Job creation for using the youth energies constructively.
  3. Policymakers should ponder carefully to understand the Un deciphered situation which is causing ordinary citizens to throng the streets.
  4. Interlocutors can help in mediation and resolving the issue as was done back in 2010.
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