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Discuss about internet ethics? What are the major issues concerned with internet ethics.

Internet ethics means judicious use of internet that can't harm anybody, prove to be advantageous and don't encroach in others affairs and rights. As the world progresses, technology tend to give comforts but same time produce obstacles too. i.e.; automation and robotics give fast production but same time taking away Manuel jobs etc. likewise Internet use is also two way shining sword that can hurt if used unethically

Internet ethics concerns elements like-

  • Uploading genuine data.
  • Refraining from involvement in any dubious activity-economic or non-economic.
  • Condemning child pornography, hate speech fake news and similar phenomena.
  • Non-involvement in hacking/phishing activities.

Issue concerned:

  1. Privacy- uploading sexual clips tears apart privacy of individuals.
  2. Security-of nation and individual both has chances of compromise due to hacking activities.
  3. Monitoring- Govt. is finding it difficult to monitor the vast data flow- so less regulation.
  4. Freedom of speech expression infringing morality dignity and integrity of nation.
  5. Global internet giants want free internet to all and freedom to process this data. They further ask govt to not regulate the internet. This is a serious breach of sovereignty of nations.

Internet can be seen as the World contained in wires and computers. With enormous positive and negative impacts a global Ethics and code of conduct for internet needs to be devised and followed.

Internet is for the larger good of society as, can connect the unconnected, huge potential for giving knowledge and education, source for awareness regarding laws and rights etc. makes one’s life better informed and managed but the short-sighted misuse can produce chaos in whole world. Today world is at the verge of explosion due to power battle and misuse of such a nature even fuel these conditions further by eroding the youth of the world

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