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Navy successfully tests land-attack Brahmos supersonic missile

Navy has successfully tested supersonic Brahmos land-attack cruise missile from a stealth frigate in the Bay of Bengal. This will enhance the precision strike capability of the Navy to a large extent.

It places India among a few nations in the world with such a capability.

The land attack variant of the Brahmos cruise missile will provide Indian Navy the capacity to neutralize deep inland targets, which are far away from the coast from standoff ranges in the sea.

Majority of our frontline warships, like the Kolkata class destroyers and Teg-class of stealth frigates possess the capability to fire this missile.

Key features of Brahmos cruise missile:

  • The missile was jointly developed by India and Russia
  • It is a two-stage missile
  • The first stage is propelled by a solid propellant booster engine, which ensures supersonic speed for the missile and then gets separated
  • The second stage is propelled through a liquid ramjet engine
  • The missile possesses stealth technology and guidance system
  • The missile operates on a Fire and Forget principle, which ensures that it does not need further guidance once it is launched
  • It can carry a conventional warhead weighing 200 to 300kgs

Upgrading the range of the missile:

  • After India became a member of the Missile Technology Control regime(MTCR) in June 2016, the technologically upgraded version was test fired.
  • The upgraded version has a range of 450km.
  • The previous version had a range of 290 km which was in accordance with the provisions of MTCR.
  • MTCR prevents proliferation of missiles and UAV’s (Unmanned air vehicles) over 300km range

Current deployment of the missile:

  • Initially deployed along the India-Pakistan border
  • The government lately approved deployment of the missile’s Block-III version, which possess maneuvering and steep diving capabilities.
  • These capabilities are significant for mountain warfare operations and will help counter China’s military infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control
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