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The nomenclature of Indian navy ships and submarines 

How the Navy names its ships, submarines

The Indian Navy’s new, indigenously designed guided missile destroyer INS Chennai was dedicated to the nation. Is there a methodology involved based on which we decide the name of our naval vessels.

The Selection procedure:

  • Names of ships and submarines are selected by the Internal Nomenclature committee
  • It is headed by the Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff
  • It has representatives from the historical section of the defense ministry, department of archaeology in the HRD ministry, among others
  • The recommendations should be approved by the Navy chief

Broad parameters that the committee follows:

  • A cruiser or destroyer is named after a state capital, a large city, a great king or warrior from Indian history. For example, INS Delhi, INS Mysore, INS Ranjit
  • Frigates are named after a mountain range, a river or a weapon, but it should be ensured that names of ships that are part of the same class should begin with the same alphabet For example: INS Sahaydri, INS Shivalik and INS Satpura
  • The corvettes are named after personal arms, such as INS Khukri, INS Kirpan, INS Khanjar
  • Multipurpose patrol vessels are named after an island, such as INS Car Nicobar, INS Kalpani
  • The anti-submarine warfare vessels have names with an offensive and destructive connotation, such as INS Kamorta and INS Kadmatt
  • Submarines are either named after a predatory fish or are given an abstract name that is associated with the ocean. The same convention is followed both for nuclear and conventional submarines
  • Aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov was named as INS Vikramaditya. The title is significant as it was borne by several Indian sovereign rulers

Understanding various Navy vessels:

  • Frigate: It is a large ship that performs the role of a warship as it has both antisubmarine and antiaircraft features. In a fleet, it performs the role of a flagship
  • Destroyer: They are much larger than frigates. They possess advanced defense and attack capabilities
  • Corvettes: These are the smallest class of vehicles that can be put in the category of warships
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