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Pak. court awards death to Indian

Pak. court awards death to Indian

A Pakistani military court has awarded death sentence to a former Indian Navy official, Kulbhushan Jadhav. He has been accused of espionage and working for India’s external intelligence agency R&AW.

The sentence was confirmed by the army chief of Pakistan.

Former Indian Navy official, have been refused consular access as demanded by India. He was arrested from Balochistan and was accused of carrying out subversive activities in the province. 

He has been charged under such sections of the Army act which provide limited right of appeal.  The appeal will be heard by army officials and not by judges.

India and Balochistan

  • After the Indian Prime minister announced support for the Balochistan freedom movement which found mention in his Independence day speech, India has ramped up diplomatic pressure over Pakistan over the Balochistan issue
  • Various ways in which we can use Baluchistan as a leverage to pressure Pakistan:
    • Supporting Baloch groups that are fighting against the Pakistani government
    • Highlighting human rights violations at the international level
    • There were even demands from exiled Baloch leaders to seek asylum or form a government in exile
    • Opposition to China-Pakistan economic corridor exist in the region

India should be cautious in its approach of dealing with Pakistan on the issue of Balochistan as it can have serious consequences for Kashmir.

There are various leaders and groups that are fighting for support and thus there exists lack of a single recognized leader or grouping.

The Balochistan issue:

  • Baloch nationalist have raised an insurgency war against the government of Pakistan
  • The province is rich in natural resources but is one of the least developed province in Pakistan
  • Baloch nationalist argue that they are economically and politically marginalized
  • Pakistan’s army have been suppressing the resistance movement and have been even accused of using aircrafts against civilians

Focus on human rights:

  • Bodies of thousands of political activists and separatist leaders have been found in the province
  • This point towards large scale extra judicial killings
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