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Forests and various challenges

India is one of the mega diversity countries in the world with different types of forests. In India, some of the forest related facts are :

  • 20 % Area is under forest cover .
  • Forest cover has increased by 5081 square kms between 2013-2015
  • Except Mizoram , other NE states have experienced decrease in forest cover .
  • Forest conservation act (1980) is overarching act for protection of forests.
  • Establishment of Protected areas like National Parks , WLSs ,Biosphere Reserves also play a leading role in conservation of forest .

Threats to the Forests are by following activities :

  1. Increasing expansion of urban landscape puts enormous pressure on forests .
  2. Forest land is cleaned to give the way to agriculture .
  3. Increasing demand of Timber .
  4. Decrease in the Primary Forests which has a god quality than the secondary forests.

Challenges Faced and Possible solutions

  1. LPG connections to be increased so as to reduce dependence of timber for cooking activities in rural area .
  2. Green India Mission and National climatic change action plan , incorporates activities to increase the use of wood energy .
  3. Increase in afforestation , by enhanced community participation .
  4. Need for participatory models of afforestation in which the local knowledge helps to regenerate and manage the forest resources.
  5. By assigning much higher status and value to the living energy of the forests to attain spiritual and cultural regeneration of life.

Finally convincing the people to take the pledge to collectively work to conserve forests and increase the tree cover. More forests mean more water that benefits farmers and future generations.

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