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Missing IS backers active on social media: NIA

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has probed an incident where a group from Kerala comprising infants and children were reported missing. They were suspected of joining the Islamic state.

The Entire Incident:

As per NIA, at least two men both residents of Kasaragod in Kerala left India as early as 2015. While the first left on March 31, 2015 for Dubai from the Mumbai airport, the second flew to Abu Dhabi on November 10, 2015 on a Jet Airways flight.

The NIA suspect them of crossing over to Afghanistan illegally by bypassing a border checkpoint.

The Well-Planned Conspiracy:

It was a well thought conspiracy to leave India on different travel dates to avoid being caught. Their relatives said that they had received messages from the absconding accused that they have reached their final destination, the Caliphate, that the IS projects to establish. The mobile communication made by the absconding accused with their relatives, over social media platforms, have been recovered during investigation and the same establish that the absconding accused were staying at the same place in Afghanistan.

Propagating their ideology:

An NIA charge sheet mentions that the accused are with the IS and are instigating others to join them. The accused have also continued their anti-national activities by propagating the ideology of the ISIS and inviting support for the caliphate. They use various means which include but is not limited to internet based social media platforms. Radicalization of Indian youth:

The radicalization of youth in India by the Islamic State (ISIS) has not ceased, although intelligence agencies have been able to prevent dozens of youths from leaving India to join the jihadi group.

Radicalization is the process of directly and indirectly motivating Muslims to participate in jihadi terror, based on religious teachings. Radicalization of youth has always existed in India but whether it could pose a serious challenge to the security of India was realized first in mid-2014 when four youths left Mumbai for Iraq and Syria. Around a dozen of Indian states have witnessed incidents of radicalization.

The call from ISIS to perform Hijrah (migration) to the Caliphate caught the imagination of the youth. Hijrah marks the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. It has a special connotation in the minds of Muslims.

The present context:

Chanakya IAS AcademyAs per available intelligence inputs, very few number of Indian youths have joined ISIS after travelling to Iraq and Syria. Further, security agencies have foiled the plan of some youths to travel to Iraq and Syria, who are under counselling and monitoring at present. A certain number of IS sympathizers are also under surveillance of security agencies.

Counter-radicalization efforts should include counselling the youth and convincing the community elders to persuade the younger generation not to get influenced by extremist ideology.

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