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Turkey seems no longer safe

When the world was welcoming New Year with hopes and dreams, a terror attack at a night club in Istanbul claimed at least 39 lives. The waterside Reina nightclub was the site of bloodshed launched by a gunman dressed in a Santa Claus outfit who open fired at the crowd and killed many, including two Indians.

Earlier, European countries like France, Belgium and USA have faced the brunt of such politico-religiously motivated acts. This is mainly because of their role in NATO which is currently bombarding terror strongholds in Syria. Incidents like Orlando shootings, Paris attack and Brussels airport attack show that countries’ actions elsewhere in the world are causing to them domestic repurcussions.

Thus, it comes as surprising to find Turkey in the same list of terror victims as USA and France, especially when it has often been alleged to be aiding Islamic State in its fight against Bashar al Assad regime of Syria.

Meanwhile, from security point of view, we need to analyze this new breed of terror attacks. These kind of attacks come under the category of “Lone wolf “attacks whereby an individual is ideologically motivated enough to carry out the attack without any material help or coordination from any terror outfit.

Further, Experts believe that these persons are not as politically motivated as much as they are with their personal grievances and documented mental health history. In this respect, they are much similar to sociopathic and psychopathic mass murderers than with the organized terror outfits.

Due to this , it becomes very difficult for the security agencies to predict such incidents in order to employ requisite security arrangements beforehand.

At the same time, terror outfits currently losing limelight, jump onto such opportunities to carry out their ideological propaganda. Also, owing to their very nature of complete unpredictability, these attacks cause widespread panic creating confusion and chaos.

Finally, it seems that terrorism has no state boundaries and no country can claim immunity from it, including the ones apparently siding with them.

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