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Highlight the objectives of the recently issued draft of first ever National Software Policy by the Union government. What is the significance of this policy? Discuss.


The government has issued the draft of first ever National Software Policy. It aims to increase the share of Indian software products in the global market by ten times.


  • It aims to create employment opportunity for 3.5 million people by 2025.
  • To help the software product industry increase its contribution to the economy.
  • To strengthen the software products ecosystem in the country so that software product sector contributes significantly in terms of business and employment.
  • To revamp the software product sector, which is still in its infancy stage.
  • Provision to create a specialised talent pool of 1,000,000 professionals by 2025.
  • It will specifically address start up needs of the IT sector like software products, cloud solutions, etc.
  • To create conducive environment for creation of 10,000 technology start-ups to develop software products that are globally competitive and thereby generating a direct and in-direct employment.
  •  Enabling framework for inclusion of Indian software product in government procurement.
  • To give an impetus to streamline the taxation tangle around all digital goods including software products.
  • To promote software usage in strategic sectors like defence, atomic energy, space, railways, telecommunication, power and healthcare etc.

Way forward and significance of the policy:

The significance of the policy would be in creating more India-based software product companies instead of those abroad. The whole Start up India action plan is supposed to lead to India-centric innovative companies. The efforts of other departments should ideally supplement the programme and target sector-specific needs.

If there is execution of all the proposed programmes, then it will ensure that India has a hospitable environment for the growth of any product company.

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