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The recent surgical strikes by India along the line of control were indeed a laudable one. Another biggest internal security threat faced by India is that of Naxalism. Discuss the ideological basis and modus operandi of the Naxalites. Do you think army should also be deployed to deal with Naxalism? (G.S. Paper III- Linkages between development and spread of extremism)

Naxalism is indeed one of the biggest internal security threats faced by India.

The ideological basis for naxalism has been provided by Maoism. Maoism is a doctrine that teaches to capture state power through a combination of armed insurgency, mass mobilization and strategic alliances.

The Modus operandi of the naxalites:

  • Frontal organizations of left wing extremism (including many student’s union)
  • Guerilla warfare tactics, an irregular warfare with a small group of combatants.
  • They also have links with foreign countries and other terrorist organizations.
  • They get funds from extortion projects and various government companies working under their influence.

The factors for the rise of naxalism:

    • Unemployment and poverty are two main causes.
    • Lack of proper health facilities in the tribal belts
    • No proper education is provided in the affected districts.
    • They are mainly disconnected from the mainstream society.
    • Poor implementation of land laws.
    • Even the forest rights acts are not implemented properly.
    • There is no sustainable development and corrupt practices are involved.
    • Failure of delivery mechanism of schemes.
    • Lack of political and administrative development.

Should army be deployed or not?

Naxalites fight for some demands. If the cause for their fight can be addressed, they would not have anything to fight for. They have faced several discrimination and serious violation of human rights.

Naxalism can be fought by the police and the paramilitary forces. Army should only be the last option when the situation if at all, goes out of control. An armed solution is not the answer to naxalism.

Instead of deploying the army, the focus should be more on developmental issues. Welfare schemes, construction projects, etc must be planned and implemented in the Naxal affected districts rather than using only violent means. Success stories of Sandesh in Bihar, The Aasdwar Project, etc are good examples to follow.

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