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You are Bank Manager in a well renowned bank. An employee of your bank who is a beautiful young lady assists you in many official works. She is smart and hard working and eventually you are impressed with her personality and work. You start getting attracted to her and start liking her.

You give her your personal number and ask her to be in touch with you. After few days of chat, you also tell her about your affection for her. You keep your frequent chats as a secret and don’t inform your wife about it.

But it is not late that a rumour spreads in your office about you having an affair with the employee. You are just affectionate towards her and nothing more than that. But day by day, your continued association brings you closer to the lady.

One fine day, your wife comes to know about these rumours. Unfortunately the lady also starts loving you by now. She keeps messaging you even when you start to avoid her. She even blackmails you of disclosing the affectionate messages that you had sent to her. Such a situation is straining your relationship with your wife and is also affecting your image as the bank manager. You have no other option but to fire her from the job. But you also know that she is the only lady supporting her family and it is unethical to remove her at this point since it was not just her fault, but yours as well.

What do you think will be the correct course of action in these circumstances?


After analyzing the situation, it might seem for a moment that firing the lady or transferring her is the best option available. But it will certainly be an unethical, inhuman and a wrong step because it was a mistake of both the sides. Here the values of morality and professional integrity are checked.

The first and foremost step is to maintain a safe distance from her completely and if possible then not to interact with her at all. But before that, call her and clarify everything that how dangerous the situation can be. It is going to harm both of you and no one can work in the office in a peaceful manner. It will hamper the self-respect, honour, integrity of both. You have to make her understand that you are a married man and loyal to your wife and can’t carry on in the same way. Whatever has happened in the past was a mistake and was just an infatuation. At the same time tell her that she is young and beautiful, and this is an infatuation from her side as well. If she is still stubborn, then she should be warned strictly that she might be fired for such behaviour.

Next, you should have a proper communication with your wife regarding the matter and explain the truth totally without hiding anything. You have to instill faith in your relationship and tell her that you are loyal and faithful to her. And also promise her that she will never hear such rumours in the future.

Finally, you should call a meeting with all the employees of the bank and clear all rumours. You should ensure that while taking this step, there is no public humiliation or tarnishing the personal character of the lady employee.

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