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You are an IAS aspirant. You quit a job which used to give you a handsome salary and started preparing for the civil services exams. You have already appeared for the exam 5 times. In your first two attempts, you could not qualify prelims. In your next three attempts, you have cleared the mains, but failed in the personality test every time. In all the three attempts, you had scored less in Mains

But this time, you have given your mains exam with the best of your capability and you are pretty sure that you will get high marks. Since you belong to the General Category, this is your last attempt. This time, you have also prepared very well for the interview.

On the day of your final interview, just before you could leave your flat, your roommate cum best friend meets with an accident. While trying to prepare food, he somehow burns his hand severely. He shouts in pain and you see that it was an emergency case and needed immediate hospitalization. But unfortunately, there was no time for taking him to the hospital. And you also could not call anyone for help because all others were out to work. You had to reach the interview as soon as possible or else you would lose the dream of becoming IAS forever.

In this situation what would you do? Justify your answer.


This is a situation of moral dilemma. An IAS aspirant wishes to serve so many people in his service. But there is a saying, ‘Charity begins at home’ and this would be the real test of charity. The student should call an ambulance immediately and wait for it. Since his friend was all alone, he should take him to the hospital for all the formalities to be done.

What if, the same situation happened in reverse? Would he not expect a human being (his best friend) to come to his help? Leaving his friend at this time would be the most inhuman act. And even if he reaches the interview, it is quite certain that he will remain disturbed throughout. And if he does not qualify anyway, he would not be able to forgive himself.

Regarding his being late to the interview, he can write a letter to the UPSC with valid reasons to reschedule his interview. He should try his best to reschedule the interview. But if at all, that is not possible, there is no need for him to be disheartened. In fact he should feel proud throughout his life that he had saved a life and had done the morally correct task.

Since he used to do a job before, he would get another one sooner or later. Civil services is just an exam and has to be taken sportily. No exam can be more precious than someone’s life.

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