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You are preparing for the civil services examination. Recently, a new book for GS paper1 was launched by a leading publisher. You saw the review of the book online and it seems to be very effective for preparation. You want the book desperately but it is priced very high. You also come from a poor family. You are thinking of getting a photocopied version of it from the bookstores which will hardly cost 100rs. But you friend suggests you that it is piracy and is unethical. Instead, you should buy a new book. You argue by telling that everyone does this and by your not purchasing the photocopy will hardly stop the piracy.

Discuss the following in details:

  • Will you buy the photocopied version? Give reasons.
  • Even if you do not buy the photocopied version, still others are buying it and the bookstores are selling it. What can you possibly do? Give suggestions.


  • Buying of the photocopied version under any circumstance is unethical. Even when the student belongs to a poor family. The student aspires to become a civil servant and high moral values and ethics are needed in future to keep his integrity intact. And this kind of act can corrupt his conscience. So, it should not be done at any cost. He can ask money from his parents, which they should not deny if it is genuinely needed. Even if he has done such a thing in the past, he should rectify his mistake and never do it again. Crisis of money should not become a reason for cheating or getting corrupt. Moral values, integrity, honesty are far more important principles to be adhered to in human life. It might seem to be a shortcut for the moment and the easiest option though, but it will harm the intellectual property rights of the author. And it does injustice to him.
  • Even if the student does not buy it, it is true that many others are buying it which is definitely wrong. And therefore, as a good citizen, it is the student’s duty to inform it to the publisher. And also give the names of the shops and ask the publisher to get a police enquiry done. And side by side also suggest the publisher to reduce the actual cost of the book so that students can purchase the original book with much ease.
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