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Nai Roshni- The Scheme to Bolster Minority Women

The Ministry of Minority Affairs started “Nai Roshni”, a Leadership Development Programme to empower Minority Women in 2012-13. The scheme aims at empowering and instilling confidence among minority women including their neighbours from other communities living in the same locality/village. The scheme will bolster minority women and provide them with requisite knowledge, tools and techniques for interacting with banks, Government systems and other institutions at all levels.

Minority women include dalit, tribal and other backward groups of the society and they will be the intended beneficiary of the scheme. Women empowerment is not necessary for equity but also imperative to economic growth, poverty eradication and strengthening of civil society. In poverty stricken family, women and children are the worst suffers and need support. Empowering mothers, especially mothers become vitally important owing to the fact that they stay at home and nurture, nourish and mould the character of her offsprings.

The dream of an empowered India cannot be fulfilled until and unless women come out of their confinements at home and assume leadership roles. When they set about asserting their rights in accessing skills, facilities, services and opportunities, most of the hurdles that are jeopardizing the growth of country will be automatically weeded out. The scheme intends to encourage women in claiming their due share of development benefits of the Government for bettering their lives and living conditions.

The scheme “Nai Roshni” is run with the help of Government Institutions, NGOs and Civil Societies all over the country. It includes various training modules like Health and Hygiene, Leadership of Women, Financial Literacy, Legal Rights of Women, Digital Literacy and Life Skills

Lets chew over all the training modules one by one:

Digital literacy is the knowledge and skill employed in a wide range of digital services such as laptops, smart phones and computers. A digitally literate person is endowed with a wide range of skills including an ability to engage in online communications and social networks, skills, knowledge of the basic principles of computing devices and an ability to engage in online communities and social networks.

Financial literacy

Making informed and thoughtful decisions about your finances has become more important than ever. Banks and other financial are launching gobs of schemes in order to ensure that you do not land in financial trouble. But it is equally important to have awareness about these schemes and ways to save your hard-earned money.

Health and Hygiene

People residing in poverty stricken areas suffer from poor health due to unsafe drinking water, poor hygiene behavior and lack of sanitation. Nations suffer massive financial losses due to health expenses incurred on diseases that could be prevented very easily. Access to better sanitation facilities and safe drinking water can substantially improve the health and overall wellbeing.

Leadership of Women

Women having leadership qualities can bring about radical changes in the society. In truth, empowered woman can lay the foundation of a progressive and growth-oriented society so it becomes imperative for government to foster leadership qualities in women.

Life skills

Acquiring life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everybody life. Dramatic changes in global economies and technology has substantially influenced our home life, education and the workplace. To cope with change and pace of modern life, women need to learn life skills so that they could deal with frustration and stress. Learning life skills enable to find new ways of thinking and problem solving.

Legal Rights of Women

A minority woman if goes to police station without being accompanied by a lawyer she is either humiliated, quoted wrong or ignored for her statements so in most of the cases a woman postpone going to the police to lodge a complaint. Knowing legal rights help you from not getting duped and combat abominable situations.

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