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With changing times and upcoming challenges in governance like corruption, mob violence, communal riots, incitement on social media, political pressure etc it is need of the hour that civil servants should have values like objectivity, courage of integrity etc.

  • Spirit of Enquiry - It is the curiosity to challenge status quo and go in depth to solve prevailing problems. It helps in revealing surreptitious activities in governance and society. For eg- Paid News, fake news.
  • Professional autonomy- It is the requisite freedom an officer should have to work constructively without undue pressure. For eg- S Sreedharan got professional autonomy which culminated in development of successful metros in Kolkata and Delhi. It would accrue freedom to take decision, immunity from external pressure and brings accountability with responsibility
  • Objectivity- Non involvement of personal biasness and emotions in professional work. For eg- taking action against own wife while finding breaking traffic rules. It helps in taking Impartial decision making, decision on merit, reduce corruption and conflict of interest
  • Courage of integrity- It’s the courage which helps to stand in face of adverse situations with moral uprightness. For eg- Late IPS Ravi kumarstood against mafias in MP sacrificed his life while doing utmost service for nation. Its relevance stands in taking bold stand against injustice, correct decision under political pressure, can avoid material and carrier enhancement inducements.
  • Political neutrality- To serve under political masters without personal favouritism. It help in impartial service for all governments, able to keep necessary check against unnecessary demands from politicians.

A civil servant need to work more efficiently for which these values becomes quintessential which may be either developed with necessary training or appropriate working environment.

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