April 20, 2019
April 20, 2019

Saturday Scheme

The Union Cabinet approved continuation of the ongoing GSLV programme phase-4 consisting of five rocket flights during 2021-2024.

The phase four will enable the launch of two-tonne class of satellites for geo-imaging, navigation, data relay communication and space sciences,an official statement said.

The total fund requirement for phase four has been pegged at Rs 2729.13 crore and includes the cost of five Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicles (GSLVs), essential facility augmentation, programme management, and launch campaign, along with the additional funds required for meeting the scope of the ongoing programme.

The GSLV continuation programme will meet the launch requirement of satellites for providing critical satellite navigation services, data relay communication for supporting the Indian human spaceflight programme and the next interplanetary mission to Mars.

The continuation programme will meet the demand for the launch of satellites at a frequency up to two launches per year, with maximal participation by the Indian industry.

All the operational flights would be completed during the period 2021-24.

The GSLV continuation programme was initially sanctioned in 2003, and two phases have been completed and the third phase is in progress and expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2020-21.

The cabinet also gave ex-post facto approval to the memorandum of understanding between India and Bolivia on cooperation in the field of geology and mineral resources. The MoU was signed in Bolivia in March, 2019.

In another decision, the cabinet also gave its ex post facto approval toanother MoU between the two countries in the field of traditional systems of medicine and homoeopathy. The MoU was signed in Bolivia in March, 2019.

A series of advanced satellites Gsat-20, Gsat-30 and Gsat-32, which will boost communication capabilites of the country, will also be launched by early next year. While Gsat-20 and Gsat-30, a replacement of Insat-4A, will be sent to space from French Guiana, Gsat-32 will be launched from Sriharikota. Gsat-32 will replace Gsat-6A, which was lost in space after the successful launch due to a communication failure and was meant to mainly serve ground forces.

The Rs 2,729-crore budget for the GSLV ph-4 programme includes the cost of five GSLV rockets, essential facility augmentation and programme management. Two satellites will be launched every year with maximum participation by the Indian industry in the production of the country’s heavy-lift rocket

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