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Global Hunger Index (GHI) show up the gravity and extent of hunger in the world. It is calculated based on three parameters, i.e. mortality of under-5 children, wasting and stunting of under-5 children and proportion of undernourished as a percentage of total population.

Reasons for rising hunger

  • Availability: Enough food to feed everyone but spatial distribution differs
  • Accessibility: Even if food is available, the same is not accessible due to social, economic and political reasons
  • Affordability: Many lack purchasing power to buy food, They get no/little benefit from schemes proving free/cheap food
  • Gender discrimination: Males are given preference over females when available quantity is not sufficient
  • Civil conflict/ military intervention: As it happened in Syria, Yemen and some pockets of Iraq
  • Natural/man-made disasters: Drought in Somalia caused famine and many died of hunger
  • Welfare schemes - issues with identification, delivery, corruption, leakages, etc.

Way forward

  • Holistically deal with the issues of Availability, Accessibility and Affordability
  • Govt.'s scheme to provide basic food items to all needy persons
  • Civil society/ NGOs can work with govt to improve effectiveness and accountability
  • Plus all the loopholes of food schemes
  • Timely help and aid when the same cannot be managed from domestic resources

For whatever reasons, when a person can not satisfy the hunger, it might impact his physical and cognitive abilities. Right based approach as in India is certainly deserve to be replicated in other countries. SDG on Zero Hunger is a challenge, yet it's achievable.

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