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Source: 2015 Mains question paper- 4

Note: this answer has been written for the purposes of explanation; Hence, it may not adhere to word limit. For examination purposes, phrases instead of full sentences could be used.

  • The present case illustrates a situation where the community of an area has been debating the pros and cons of girls’ education. They have taken a joint decision not to allow girls to go to school after an incident of molestation. The reasons for the same include concerns over girls safety and high unemployment among male population due to competition over jobs.
  • Further, there is an inter-generational divide between the old and the young as well as a divide across genders over the idea of girl education
  • 1. The following steps may be taken to ensure girls’ safety without disrupting their education
    • Increasing police presence and responsiveness to issues of gender violence and molestation; building an atmosphere of security and trust between police and community.
    • Encouraging girls and parents to come up and report any issues they might face.
    • Trying to involve the community into any manner of community policing, whereby the people can come together to ensure their security.
    • Protecting any good Samaritans who come up and report any incidents
    • Sensitising the village community involving elders to understand the importance of girls’ education. Building a community perception would ensure that elements causing any harm to the girls face strict community action in addition to police action.
  • 2. The following measures could help mould the patriarchal mind-set of the village elders-
    • a. Helping the elders realise the importance of education of girls. Making them realise that when one educates a girl, they educate an entire family. Emphasizing that girls ought to be given a chance to learn and grow.
    • b. Using famous persons or persons with substantial goodwill/respect among the community to propagate the same.
    • c. Highlighting the examples of famous women and their contributions to community life
    • d. Using various innovative techniques like street plays (nukkad nataks), contests like “selfie with daughter” etc
    • e. Delinking the ideas of girl education and male unemployment; if the girls in this area do not study, other females from other areas can also compete for jobs.
    • f. The various initiatives under Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme to promote girl education can also be used.
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