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Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil. Comment (IMPORTANCE OF VALUE BASED EDUCATION)

It has been rightly said by Nelson Mandela that "Education is the most powerful weapon through which you can change the world". It replaces an empty mind with an open one. However, the aim of education should not be to impact knowledge alone but to inculcate strong values in young minds.

In the present time, our education system lays emphasis on memorization, and not on the values. There is mere rote learning of factual information and a person's out of box thinking doesn't develop here. Today, the crisis of moral values in modern society can be easily seen in every sphere of our life, for example, increasing cases of juvenile crimes where our educational institutions may be producing intelligent and smarter students, but they have failed to engineer right values, in them, to become a better human.

Another example of the murder of a 6-year old child by a fellow student in Ryan international shows how 'education without values' could lead to chaos in the society.

  • Education is not limited to the classroom only. It's a lifelong process for optimum development of an individual's personality. In practical life, it is translated into qualities of truthfulness, self-confidence, purity in personal life, love & compassion towards all human beings and an integration of mind, body and intellect.
  • To summarize, value education has the capacity to transform the diseased mind into a very young, innocent, healthy, natural, fresh and attentive mind.
  • As quoted by Einstein, “try not to become a man of success but try to become a man of values”. Thus, to be successful in life, important human qualities along with intellectual development should be the aim of education.

However, our education system can be improved in many ways

  • Make learning more engaging
  • Make learning relevant
  • Nurture creativity and imagination
  • Expose students to new opportunities

There is a famous proverb which says,?“Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Education today is largely driven by facts or data. It can useful for survival purpose only (for getting money, comfort etc.), but for well being of a person, holistic development is required. And values play a vital role here!

Why only fact-based education is not good

  • Education which is driven by facts only gives us logical or the analytical perspective of life, but a human life is much more than that.
  • It can only give a theoretical aspect of the problem but not the practical aspect.
  • A data feeding society can only make robots and not humans.
  • It makes people more insensitive about the problems around us like rapes, lynchings, hatred, discrimination, etc.

Why values are important

  • Values like empathy, tolerance make people more responsible citizens.
  • Values are important for making a decision. It gives us guidance to decide what is right or wrong.
  • Values make people more conscious of their acts.

The main aim of education is to enlarge the perception of things around us. Facts and values should go hand in hand for making a better society.

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