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Defect in Metro Flyover Now

Shyam is a basic designer and is working for a noteworthy metro rail venture. He is accountable for design, construction and situating of mainstays of metro flyover. A lesser specialist in his group reveals to him that there is a noteworthy defect in two raised columns supporting a segment of the flyover and they ought to be supplanted/straightened out at any cost. These two columns bolstered a flyover bend and if crumbled, it would cause a noteworthy mischance and put numerous lives into threat. Besides, in few days it is to be introduced for trial runs. Shyam ignores the worry and cautioning by his lesser. In any case, later at night, well actually, he investigates his designs and illustrations, and finds that his lesser was undoubtedly right. Tolerating his mix up would discolor his notoriety for Shyam. In the event that any mischance happens, which is sure to occur at certain purpose of time in future, it would influence the notoriety of the organization that developed it. It will humiliate the company as well.

Also, replacing the pillars would inflate the cost for the company and would further delay the project.

In this situation

  • What should Shyam ideally do?
  • What would be the legal and ethical consequences of Shyam’s continued silence?
  • What are the qualities that are tested in this case study? Examine.


What should Shyam ideally do?

  • He should stop the inauguration process of the flyover.
  • He has to inform his company about the weakness of these two pillars. And should take responsibility to ensure the strengthens of the pillars and overall infrastructure.
  • He can consult his junior during the readjustment process. This will increase his reputation and company's one further

What would be the legal and ethical consequences of Shyam’s continued silence?

  • Legal consequences:- Being a engineer in charge of the construction process, he needs to address the issues which were being brought by any person. But he deviated from his duty. It will lead to the criminal prosecution because his silence will lead to the loss of many lives. He is majorly responsible to this injusticable act.
  • Ethical consequences
    • Shyam's morality has been lowered.
    • Reputation of the company and Shyam reduced.
    • Public faith on government reduced.
    • Human lives are not valued.

What are the qualities that are tested in this case study? Examine.

  • Listen to subordinates: Shyam didn't recognize his junior's concern. One should listen to their fellow workers causes though he's superior to them.
  • Negligence attitude: He showed gross negligence while performing his duties. He was ready to do anything to save his name and reputation.
  • Safety of the public was not ensured: it will cost the life of innocent people.
  • Failure to accept his mistake: If he has made mistake then he should take responsibility to correct it.
  • Put the blame on others for his wrong doing
  • Honesty , Integrity, Empathy, Emotional intelligence, Attitude
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