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All India Radio Repository
Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-09-2016 Supreme Court verdicts on Singur land deal Medium Play Audio
02-09-2016 Egyptian President India Visit Medium Play Audio
03-09-2016 PM 3 Nations Visit High Play Audio
04-09-2016 India and Hanso G20 Summit High Play Audio
05-09-2016 India and Hanso G20 Summit High Play Audio
06-09-2016 India and Hanso G20 Summit Low Play Audio
07-09-2016 PM Laos Visit Medium Play Audio
09-09-2016 Successful launch of Weather Satellite INSAT-3DR High Play Audio
10-09-2016 Nomination for Padma Awards Low Play Audio
11-09-2016 Special categories Status by Andra Pradesh Medium Play Audio
12-09-2016 New Capabilities show Air Force Low Play Audio
13-09-2016 Cauvery Water Dispute High Play Audio
14-09-2016 India-Afghanistan Relations Medium Play Audio
15-09-2016 India-Nepal Relations Medium Play Audio
16-09-2016 Nepal Prime Minister's India Visit Medium Play Audio
17-09-2016 PM dedicates drinking water and irrigation projects in Gujarat High Play Audio
18-09-2016 Terror attack in Uri Army Base High Play Audio
19-09-2016 Venezuela NAM Summit High Play Audio

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